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Bonovo Academic Alliance (BAA) is an organization dedicated to enhance the connection between Eastern and Western orthopedic surgeons.  We are striving to support Chinese medical professionals and industrial specialists in orthopedic field to gain knowledge on the state-of-the-art technologies, techniques and products to achieve better clinical outcomes, and accelerate their own career advancement by offering a wide range of high quality education and training programs. By leveraging BAA’s strong connections with  orthopedic experts around the world,  BAA has established several dozens of clinical sites in North America, Europe and Asia  to provide  various opportunities and resources to Chinese surgeons who are interested in training and learning both domestically and abroad, and advancing their  careers .

Our vision is to continuously improve the standard of healthcare in orthopedics through promoting knowledge sharing and enrichment among medical professionals around the world.

Our mission is to create and cultivate a platform for orthopedic professionals around the world to share, learn and develop new technologies, treatment techniques and methods for orthopedic care through various programs, such as fellowship; Education seminars; Surgeon trainings; Local, national and international meetings or symposiums, etc.,  so that it will benefit Chinese orthopedic care.

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